BluGoat Racing is an extension of our original vision Blue10… simply more refined. Just as we grow as athletes we as a club grow too.

Blugoat Racing was founded from a love of sports, a place for athletes to have a sense of belonging with anyone that has a passion for sport.

While blue conjures images of sky and sea, it also represents bravery and dedication. It represents introspective journeys and symbolizes a depth of understanding ourselves as athletes.

Goat makes certain you maintain your balance and have sure-footed determination. It takes only two inches of space for a goat to gain a solid foothold. Sometimes, athleticism is like that; if you want to reach your goals trust yourself, and find the confidence to lead your own charge.

We found combining these two representations prescribed to our vision of Blugoat Racing. 


Our mission is to provide an inclusive environment, where athletes can develop their skills and foster an appreciation for triathlon. We strive to grow athletes through knowledge, guidance in training and events, while fostering a sense of personal growth and sportsmanship. It involves countless hours of training and scheduling and challenges us on every level we can imagine, yet it is all worthwhile.

Remember that you are embarking on an incredible sport that will transcend itself into every aspect of your life.