Run, Recover, Repeat

Running a race can be a thrilling experience, whether it’s a marathon, 5K, or a fun run for charity. However, it’s crucial to remember that the race itself is only half the battle; recovery is equally important. After the race, it is important to keep moving a bit. Hard to say after you just gave … Read more

St George 70.3 World Championships

        St George World Championship The Ironman 70.3 series concludes each year with a World Championship competition, for which competitors qualify during the 70.3 series in the 12 months prior to the championship race. I qualified for St. George Worlds at Ironman 70.3 Calgary in July of 2021. The 70.3 refers to … Read more

Letting Go of Missed Workouts

Exercise is one of the best things that you can do for your physical, mental, and emotional health.  But, in reality most of us are managing busy schedules. Despite how easy it is to throw a pair of runners on, hit the bike paths, find that 10 minute you tube video sometimes it is just … Read more

Running slow to find more speed

Running slow to get faster, for some including myself is not an easy concept. Yes I understand it from a fitness and physiological point of view but my brain does not always agree.  When looking at developing our running we need to acknowledge there are benefits to running slow. It aids in the growth of … Read more

Managing your inner critic

Do you find yourself thinking: I can’t…. I am not good enough  Do I look out of place Will I be last…  These statements are samples of negative self-talk.  This type of self-talk can negatively influence our self-esteem, confidence and performance.  Changing negative self talk is difficult because likely its something we’ve been doing for … Read more