Blu Goat offers an opportunity to exchange solitary training for the support and camaraderie that flow from a group of determined and motivated athletes with a common cause.


We are a progressive club achieving excellence while providing leadership and value to our members and partners.


Whether you’re looking for sport-specific training or want to take your physical abilities to the next level, BluGoat will help you achieve your training and fitness goals. We write programs specific to you with consideration for strengths, areas for growth and time commitments. 

Our online Final Surge platform is used to deliver weekly plans to suit your desired race and fitness level.

Cycling – we use power zones or target times to dial in your workouts

Running – we focus on periodized programs to build speed and endurance appropriately

Swimming – Remote location, no problem. We have workouts for pool and open water designed to meet athletes needs.

  • Swim video analysis. A well-developed stroke technique aids in swim efficiency and speed. Video analysis shows your body’s movement and your swim angles giving heightened awareness to improvements that can be made.
  • Lane Swim available Tuesday 7pm Acadia Pool. 


Communication is the key to any successful coaching relationship so have a look at what we offer and reach out with any questions you might have.